Title: The One
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Rockstarr Music Group
Genre: Hip-Hop, RnB
Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 00:51:21
Total Size: 123 mb | 338 mb


01. Intro
02. Get Money
03. On His Face
04. New Thang
05. Situation
06. Ride Clean
07. BAPS
08. Feed Me Lies
09. For You
10. Fuck Boy (Remix)
11. Photo
12. Can I Live
13. Water
14. If It Ain’t Me
15. Mama

Fool's Garden – For Sale (2000)

Title: For Sale
Year Of Release: 2000
Label: Carosello Records & Tapes [300 683-2]
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock
Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks+cue,log,scans)
Total Time: 58:37
Total Size: 152 mb / 428 mb

German quintet Fool’s Garden’s fourth album combines a fondness for radio-friendly pop with what, on paper, would seem like a contradictory affection for AOR/prog rock atmospherics — splashy guitar solos and wailing strings. In reality, the formula works decently enough most of the time, producing a bunch of songs that are tuneful and accessible, if occasionally prone to excess. A good half of the songs on For Sale are cast in the chirpy, bouncy mold of Fool’s Garden’s one hit to date, 1998’s “Lemon Tree.” “Suzy” steals Robert Plant’s vocal wail at the end of “Stairway to Heaven” and turns it into a synth riff on a song that already boasts an inescapable vocal hook and an infectious, sub-reggae rhythm. “Pure” sounds like it escaped off the Beatles’ Anthology. And “Allright” is tuneful all right, but would have fared better, perhaps, if guitarist Volker Hinkel hadn’t used it as a forum to air his chops so emphatically. When the band chooses to indulge its fondness for easy pathos, it results in overproduced, melodramatic tunes that just cry out for a lighter touch — like “Save Me.” This failing is what makes For Sale no more than eminently listenable. Next time, perhaps, Fool’s Garden will go on to make the joyous full-on pop album that seems to be trying to emerge from the failed experiments on display here.


1 Who Are You 4:34
2 Allright 3:48
3 Suzy 5:55
4 Missing 4:29
5 Save Me 4:45
6 She’s So Happy To Be 4:31
7 It Can Happen 3:29
8 Interlude 0:52
9 In The Name 4:18
10 Still 3:46
11 Pure 4:49
12 Monday Morning Girl 4:14
13 Noone’s Song 6:12
14 Happy 2:48

Peter Freudenthaler – vocals
Volker Hinkel – guitars, programming, additional keyboards and backing vocals
Roland Röhl – keyboards
Thomas Mangold – bass
Ralf Wochele – drums
Ulrich Herter – programming and additional keyboards

New Music String Quartet – Wolf: Italian Serenade & String Quartet in D Minor (Remastered) (2019)

Title: Wolf: Italian Serenade & String Quartet in D Minor (Remastered)
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Sony Classical
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 50:43 min
Total Size: 133 MB


01. Italian Serenade (Remastered)
02. I. Grave
03. II. Langsam
04. III. Resolut
05. IV. Sehr lebhaft

Dave Flynn – Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar (2019)

Title: Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Frisbee Records
Genre: Folk
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 69:20 min
Total Size: 301 MB


01. Paddy Fahey’s Reels No. 20 & 6 (2019 Re-master)
02. The Kinnycally Jig (2019 Re-master)
03. Paddy Fahey’s Reels No.10, 26 & 4 (2019 Re-master)
04. The Corncrake (2019 Re-master)
05. Paddy Fahey’s Jigs No.9, 13 & 14 (2019 Re-master)
06. Lost in the Loop (2019 Re-master)
07. Paddy Fahey’s Jig No.2 & Reel No.2 (2019 Re-master)
08. Paddy Fahey’s Reels No.5 & 9 (2019 Re-master)
09. The Mahatma of the Glen (2019 Re-master)
10. Paddy Fahey’s Reels No.12 & 28 (2019 Re-master)
11. The Galway Reel & The Culfadda Reel (2019 Re-master)
12. Paddy Fahey’s Hornpipe No.1 & Jig No.11 (2019 Re-master)
13. Paddy Fahey’s Reels No.25 & 13 (2019 Re-master)
14. Paddy Canny’s Toast (2019 Re-master)
15. Paddy Fahey’s Reels No. 30 & 31 (2019 Re-master)

It may seem a bit odd to call any music contemporary and traditional, but that’s exactly what the music on this recording is. The oldest tunes on this recording date from around the 1950’s, most are much more recent than that. All of the tunes have been composed and performed by Irish traditional musicians. So they are part of the tradition, yet they are contemporary. They reflect the constantly evolving nature of the Irish music tradition.

The majority of the music on this recording is by Paddy Fahey, a magical fiddle player and composer who is, to me and many others, one of the finest composers Ireland has every produced. I also hold the music of Ed Reavy, Tommy Peoples, Liz Carroll, Charlie Lennon and Larry Redican in very high esteem. It is a special skill to be able to compose tunes that sound new, whilst fitting seamlessly into the tradition. These composers have done just that and in doing so they’ve created miniature masterpieces of melodic beauty.

All the compositions on the recording were originally fiddle tunes and so in my arrangements I’ve tried to recreate some of phrasing of the fiddle on the guitar by tuning it to match the tuning of a fiddle. The keys of my settings of the tunes differ from the originals in most cases, due to my use of a capo on the guitar to achieve a brighter sound.

Alongside these arrangements I present ‘The Mahatma of the Glen’, a new arrangement of three of the seven sections that make up ‘Music for the Departed’, an extended composition I created for Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill and Ioana Petcu-Colan, who premiered it in 2006 at the Masters of Tradition Festival in Bantry.

This arrangement and indeed this recording are dedicated to the memory of the great fiddle player James Byrne – the Mahatma of the Glen.

Don Gibson – Greatest Hits (2019)

Title: Greatest Hits
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Vintage Jukebox
Genre: Country
Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 00:46:33
Total Size: 110 mb | 215 mb


01. Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles
02. Too Soon To Know
03. Far Far Away
04. Sea Of Heartbreak
05. Blue blue day
06. Give Myself A Party
07. Cause I Believe In You
08. Sweet, Sweet Girl
09. Who Cares
10. Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
11. Fireball Mail
12. Just One Time
13. Again
14. So How Come No One Loves Me
15. Watch Where You’re Going
16. Where No One Stands Alone
17. You Don’t Knock
18. Driftwood On The River
19. Look Who’s Blue
20. Oh, Lonesome Me

Singer/songwriter Don Gibson was one of the most popular and influential forces in ’50s and ’60s country, scoring numerous hit singles as a performer and a songwriter. Gibson’s music touched on both traditional country and highly produced country-pop, which is part of the reason he had such a broad audience. For nearly a decade after his first hit single, “Sweet Dreams,” in 1956, he was a reliable hitmaker, and many of his songs have become country classics they have been covered by a wide range of artists, including Patsy Cline, Ray Charles, Kitty Wells, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, and Ronnie Milsap.

Nino Tempo & April Stevens – All the Best (2019)

Title: All the Best
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Vintage Jukebox
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock
Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 00:47:43
Total Size: 112 mb | 322 mb


01. Deep Purple
02. High School Sweetheart
03. Sweet And Lovely
04. Stasera no no no
05. Paradise
06. Whispering
07. All Strung Out
08. I Surrender Dear
09. I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)
10. I’ve Been Carrying a Torch For You So Long
11. Tea for Two
12. The Habit of Lovin’ You Baby
13. That’s What You Do To Me
14. The Coldest Night of the Year
15. Teach Me Tiger
16. Stardust
17. You’ll Be Needing Me Baby
18. Begin the Beguine

Nino Tempo & April Stevens’s relation to rock was pretty tenuous; after all, most of their early and mid-’60s hits were updates of popular standards like “Deep Purple,” “Whispering,” “Stardust,” and “Tea for Two.” They weren’t quite in the easy-listening mainstream, though, due to the pop/rock feel of most of their arrangements, and Stevens’s breathy, sensual style. Tempo, in fact, was a good friend of Phil Spector, working under the producer as a session musician on some of Spector’s hits. As pop performers with a bent for Tin Pin Alley material, though, the brother-sister (despite their different last names) duo was kind of stuck between generations, especially two months after their number one hit “Deep Purple,” when the Beatles made the top of the hit parade.

New Music String Quartet – Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: String Quartet No. 2 & No. 5 (Remastered) (2019)

Title: Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: String Quartet No. 2 & No. 5 (Remastered)
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Sony Classical
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 61:05 min
Total Size: 156 MB


01. I. Adagio – Allegro vivace
02. II. Adagio non lento
03. III. Intermezzo – Allegretto con moto – Allegro di molto
04. IV. Presto – Adagio non lento
05. I. Allegro vivace
06. II. Scherzo – Assai leggiero vivace
07. III. Adagio non troppo
08. IV. Molto allegro con fuoco

The Dixie Cups – All the Best (2019)

Title: All the Best
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Vintage Jukebox
Genre: Pop, Soul
Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 00:44:44
Total Size: 106 mb | 220 mb


01. I’m Not The Kind Of Girl ( To Marry )
02. What Goes Up, Must Come Down
03. Chapel Of Love
04. Iko Iko
05. Daddy Said No
06. Gee The Moon Is Shining Bright
07. People Say
08. Two-Way-Pock-A-Way
09. Thank you mama thank you papa
10. Ain’t That Nice
11. All Grown Up
12. Another Boy Like Mine
13. Girls Can Tell
14. Love Ain’t So Bad
15. No True Love
16. Gee Baby Gee
17. Little Bell
18. You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me

A ’60s girl group, the Dixie Cups consisted of one cousin (Joan Marie Johnson) and two sisters (Barbara Ann Hawkins and Rosa Lee Hawkins). All three young ladies were from New Orleans, as was producer and singer Joe Jones, who discovered the talented threesome and took them to New York.

Nakia – Real.Live.Blues. (2019)

Title: Real.Live.Blues.
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: KiaChia Records
Genre: Electric Blues, Blues Soul
Quality: FLAC (tracks) | MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 40:56
Total Size: 272 MB | 94 MB

1. I’m Ready (Live) (6:12)
2. Driving Wheel (Live) (5:07)
3. Rich Woman (Live) (8:13)
4. Hoodoo Party (Live) (5:04)
5. 300 Pounds Of Joy (Live) (6:35)
6. Somebody Loan Me A Dime (Live) (9:43)

Before he was on “The Voice,” Nakia was a Blues Grifter. Named for the age-old concept of stealing from the greats, the Blues Grifters formed in 2010. The band quickly became a hit on the club circuit in Austin performing at the legendary “Home of the Blues,” Antone’s Nightclub, and the South Austin hot spot, C-Boy’s Heart & Soul and began recording its first album. A video of Nakia’s full-throated, soulful performances found its way to television producer Mark Burnett who insisted on recruiting Nakia for a new show. Reluctant but hopeful, Nakia put the band, and the album on pause to go to Hollywood.

On the first season of “The Voice,” Nakia immediately became a fan favorite before finishing as a semifinalist. More than 14 million viewers tuned in each week to witness Nakia wowing the show’s four celebrity coaches with his electric stage presence and using his gritty voice to make Top 40 songs his own.

Using the momentum from the whirlwind of reality TV, Nakia focused on writing songs for a new EP and subsequent tour, still leaving the band on hold. Nakia knew it was time to call up the Blues Grifters again when he was invited to appear on the ALL ATX compilation album in 2016. Together, they transformed The Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post” from a prog-rocking guitar dirge into a lowdown gritty sax-infused soul jam that culminates in a double time frenzy. Renewed from that studio experience, Nakia was ready to finish the album he started almost a decade ago with his long-time collaborator and fellow Grifter, Mac McNabb.

“I started the band as a way for me to cut loose and get lost in the blues, so I wanted this album to be a homage to the great blues artists who inspired me,” Nakia recalls, “but ‘The Voice’ happened and I couldn’t reach the finish line on the record. Once Mac and I got back together and listened to the tapes, we committed to finish the album. We cut these songs using old ribbon mics, analog gear and tape machines. Many of the songs recorded live, all in the room together. Real live blues — the way it was meant to be.”

After all this time, “Blues Grifter,” is finished and is streaming everywhere. Featuring songs by blues and soul greats Otis Rush, William Bell, Johnnie Taylor, Howlin’ Wolf, Luther “Snakeboy” Johnson and more. Nakia will donate a portion of all “Blues Grifter” album proceeds to The Clifford Antone Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Austin, Texas dedicated to preserving blues music culture and community by caring for our elders and investing in our youth. Nakia is a two-time Black Fret artist grant award recipient. His band, Nakia and the Blues Grifters are proud to be on Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster.

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Elkie Brooks – Elkie Brooks – All Her Greatest Hits (2017) [Hi-Res]

Title: Elkie Brooks – All Her Greatest Hits
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: We Love Digital
Genre: Pop; Rock; Blues; Jazz
Quality: 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC
Total Time: 1:16:39
Total Size: 900 MB

British pop-jazz-blues crooner Elkie Brooks (born Elaine Bookbinder) dominated U.K. radio in the late ’70s with a series of hit singles that established her as “the biggest-selling female album artist in the history of the British pop charts.” The Manchester native, who grew up in an extremely musical family, left school at the age of 15 to join a dance band in London. She eventually mad the jump to radio, as well as numerous appearances with legendary jazz bandleader Humphrey Lyttelton, before embarking on a career in pop music. The early ’60s saw the budding young singer releasing singles for Decca and EMI, as well as opening for everyone from Carl Perkins to the Beatles, but commercial success remained elusive. She joined the blues-rock band Dada in 1970, which would eventually find success through a name change (Vinegar Joe) and the arrival of a new vocalist, Robert Palmer. The popular group released three beloved records before disbanding in 1974, and after a brief stint with U.S. Southern rock band Wet Willie, Brooks decided to take another crack at a solo career. The resulting Rich Man’s Woman, Two Days Away, Shooting Star, Live & Learn, Pearls, and Pearls II, as well as frequent sold-out tours and numerous silver, gold, and platinum recordings, would go on to cement her reputation well into the 21st century. ~ James Christopher Monger

01. Elkie Brooks – Lilac Wine (4:55)
02. Elkie Brooks – Nights In White Satin (6:11)
03. Elkie Brooks – 12 Minutes (3:30)
04. Elkie Brooks – From The Heart (5:50)
05. Elkie Brooks – Gasoline Alley (4:04)
06. Elkie Brooks – Growing Tired (4:19)
07. Elkie Brooks – It All Comes Back To You (2:49)
08. Elkie Brooks – Our Love (3:53)
09. Elkie Brooks – Paint Your Pretty Picture (4:01)
10. Elkie Brooks – Round Midnight (4:03)
11. Elkie Brooks – We Got Tonight (4:58)
12. Elkie Brooks – Will You Write Me A Song (4:25)
13. Elkie Brooks – Off The Beaten Track (4:02)
14. Elkie Brooks – One More Heartache (3:50)
15. Elkie Brooks – Only Women Bleed (5:04)
16. Elkie Brooks – Don’t Cry Out Loud (5:03)
17. Elkie Brooks – No More By The Fool (5:44)