Title: Kabalevsky: Violin Concerto & Cello Concerto No. 2
Year Of Release: 2002
Label: Chandos Records
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (image + .cue, log, booklet)
Total Time: 46:10
Total Size: 188 MB


Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky (1904-87)

Violin Concerto in C major, Op. 48
1 I Allegro Molto E Con Brio 4:30
2 II Andante Cantabile 5:57
3 III Vivace Giocoso 5:35

Cello Concerto No. 2 in C major, Op. 77
4 I Molto Sostenuto – Allegro Molto E Energico – 13:29
5 II Presto Macato – 8:15
6 III Andante Con Moto 8:05


Lydia Mordkovitch violin
Scottish National Orchestra
Neeme Järvi

Raphael Wallfisch cello
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Bryden Thomson

Kabalevsky’s Violin concerto is a jaunty affair full of the same vibrant energy that characterizes his ballet music–particularly the finale, which in its rollicking gaiety is reminiscent of the composer’s ever-popular The Comedians. The solo part is playful and virtuosic, with rapid runs that require substantial agility and dexterity, of which Lydia Mordkovitch provides both in ample measure. Neeme Järvi leads the Scottish National Symphony in a boisterously rendered accompaniment.

Cello Concerto No. 2 comes from another world entirely, opening in a dark and somber atmosphere not dissimilar to the first movement of Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 1. The cello offers a grim pizzicato statement of the work’s main melody, a plangent tune touched by intimations of the Dies Irae. The music becomes brighter and more frenzied for the bristling scherzo, only to darken again for the powerful finale, which ends with resigned restatement of the opening melody. Raphael Wallfisch launches boldly into Kabalevsky’s challenging solo writing, and his vivid projection of the music’s troubled emotions is skillfully aided by Bryden Thomson and the London Philharmonic. Chandos provides sonorous, dynamically realistic recordings for both works. — Victor Carr Jr,

Les Boréades de Montréal & Eric Milnes – Handel: Acis & Galatea (2004)

Les Boréades de Montréal & Eric Milnes - Handel: Acis & Galatea (2004)

Title: Handel: Acis & Galatea
Year Of Release: 2004
Label: ATMA Classique
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (image + .cue, log, booklet)
Total Time: 1:33:50
Total Size: 461 MB


Act I
1 Sinfonia 3:18
2 Oh, the pleasures of the plain (Chorus) 5:53
3 Accompagnato: Ye verdant plains (Galatea) 0:44
4 Aria: Hush, ye pretty warbling quire (Galatea) 5:56
5 Aria: Where shall I seek the charming fair (Acis) 3:09
6 Recitative: Stay, shepherd, stay (Damon) 0:19
7 Aria: Shepherd, what art thou pursuing (Damon) 4:16
8 Recitative: Lo! here my love (Acis) 0:25
9 Aria: Love in her eyes sits playing (Acis) 6:53
10 Recitative: Oh! didst thou know the pains of absent love (Galatea) 0:07
11 Aria: As when the dove (Galatea) 6:22
12 Duet: Happy we! (Acis, Galatea) 2:34
13 Happy we! (Chorus) 0:44

Act II
1 Wretched lovers (Chorus) 4:30
3 Accompagnato: I rage! (Polyphemus) 1:21
4 Aria: O ruddier than the cherry (Polyphemus) 3:08
5 Recitative: Whither, fairest, art thou running (Polyphemus, Galatea) 1:06
6 Aria: Cease to beauty to be suing (Polyphemus) 5:04
7 Aria: Would you gain the tender creature (Damon) 5:57
8 Recitative: His hideous love (Acis) 0:27
9 Aria: Love sounds th’alarm (Acis) 4:37
10 Aria: Consider, fond shepherd (Damon) 7:15
11 Recitative: Cease, oh cease, thou gentle youth (Galatea) 0:26
12 Trio: The flocks shall leave (Galatea, Acis, Polyphemus) 2:32
13 Accompagnato: Help, Galatea (Acis) 1:00
14 Mourn, all ye muses (Chorus) 4:02
15 Aria: Must I my Acis still bemoan (Galatea, Chorus) 4:30
16 Recitative: ‘Tis done (Galatea) 0:21
17 Aria: Heart, the seat of soft delight (Galatea) 4:11
18 Galatea, dry thy tears (Chorus) 2:32

From his great oratorios we know Handel as a master of epic grandeur and dramatic majesty. The pastoral masque Acis and Galatea (1718) shows another side to the composer, one of transparent lightness, refined sensuality, and tenderness. Yet whatever the means he employs to his ends, we are ever awed and elated by the unshakable generosity of this great European musician. A brilliant cast of singers and the award-winning Boréades ensemble team up in this fresh look at an early Handel masterwork.

Eric Serra – Léon – The Professional (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1994/2014) Hi-Res

Eric Serra - Léon - The Professional (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1994/2014) Hi-Res

Title: Léon – The Professional
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Wagram Music
Genre: Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / FLAC (tracks) 24bit-44.1kHz
Total Time: 1:04:06
Total Size: 335 / 659 Mb


01. Noon (4:02)
02. Cute Name (3:29)
03. Ballad for Mathilda (2:15)
04. What’s Happening out There ? (3:05)
05. A Bird in New York (1:21)
06. She Is Dead (1:31)
07. Fatman (5:16)
08. Leon the Cleaner (1:50)
09. Can I Have a Word With You ? (1:14)
10. The Game Is Over (1:36)
11. Feel the Breath (3:18)
12. Room 4602 (1:17)
13. Very Special Delivery (2:42)
14. When Leon Does His Best (2:11)
15. Back On the Crime Scene (2:33)
16. Birds of Storm (1:38)
17. Tony the Ibm (1:57)
18. How Do You Know It’s Love ? (1:29)
19. The Fight (Part 1: the Swat Squad) (2:30)
20. The Fight (Part 2: Bring Me Everyone) (4:34)
21. The Fight (Part 3: the Big Weapon) (3:03)
22. The Fight (Part 4: One Is Alive) (3:15)
23. Two Ways Out (3:11)
24. Hey Little Angel (4:48)

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Sakiko Abe – Agostino Steffani: Cantate da camera a due voci (2014)

Sakiko Abe - Agostino Steffani: Cantate da camera a due voci (2014)

Title: Agostino Steffani: Cantate da camera a due voci
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: ALM RECORDS / Kojima Recordings, Inc.
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (image + .cue, log, artwork)
Total Time: 1:05:07
Total Size: 337 MB


1 Io mi rido de’ tuoi dardi
2 M’hai da piangere un dì
3 Siete il più bizzarro umore
4 Questo fior che involo al prato
5 No, no, non voglio se devo amare
6 Turbini tempestosi spinsero Enea
7 Sia maledetto amor
8 Io mi parto
9 O che voi direste bene
10 Dolce labbro, amabil bocca

Europa Galante & Fabio Biondi – Handel: Silla (2017) [CD Rip]

Europa Galante & Fabio Biondi - Handel: Silla (2017) [CD Rip]

Title: Handel: Silla
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Glossa
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (image + .cue, log, scans)
Total Time: 1:53:10
Total Size: 561 MB


CD 1

01 Ouverture
02 Marche

Atto Primo
03 Recitativo: Silla, s’oggi resplende (Metella, Lepido)
04 Aria: Alza il volo la mia fama (Silla)
05 Recitativo: S’ecclissa la mia gioia (Metella, Lepido)
06 Aria: Fuggon l’aure in me di vita (Metella)
07 Recitativo: Cieli, numi (Lepido, Flavia)
08 Aria: Se ben tuona il ciel irato (Lepido)
09 Recitativo: Sin con lingua di foco (Celia, Flavia)
10 Aria: Un sol raggio di speranza (Flavia)
11 Recitativo: Sino su li occhi miei (Celia, Claudio)
12 Aria: Senti, bell’idol mio (Claudio)
13 Recitativo: Sì, t’amo, oh caro (Celia)
14 Aria: Se la speranza nudrisce il mio cor (Celia)
15 Recitativo: Silla, dov’è la gloria (Claudio, Silla)
16 Aria: Con tromba guerriera (Claudio)

Atto Secondo
17 Recitativo: Flavia! (Silla, Flavia)
18 Aria: Qual scoglio in mezzo all’onde (Flavia)
19 Recitativo: T’arresta, altera (Silla)
20 Aria: Dolce nume de’ mortali (Silla)
21 Aria: Guerra, stragi e furor (Il Dio)
22 Scena: Guerra, stragi e furor (Silla)
23 Recitativo: Silla! Ove ti guida (Lepido, Silla)
24 Aria: È tempo, oh luci belle (Silla)
25 Recitativo: Mio diletto, che pensi (Flavia, Lepido)
26 Duetto: Sol per te, bell’idol mio (Flavia, Lepido)

CD 2

01 Recitativo: Bella, lascia i sospiri (Claudio, Celia)
02 Aria: Mi brilla nel seno (Claudio)
03 Recitativo: Mio bel nume, t’arresta (Silla, Metella)
04 Aria: Hai due vaghe pupilette (Metella)
05 Recitativo: Che miro, oh Dei (Flavia, Silla)
06 Recitativo: Tanto ardisci (Lepido, Silla)
07 Duetto: Ti lascio, idolo mio (Flavia, Lepido)
08 Recitativo: Anima mia (Claudio, Celia, Silla)
09 Recitativo: Scabro! Lepido sia (Silla)
10 Aria: La vendetta è un cibo al cor (Silla)
11 Recitativo: Oh! Perfido consorte (Metella)
12 Aria: Se’l mio mal da voi dipende (Claudio)
13 Recitativo: Sì, questi son trofei (Silla)
14 Recitativo: Deh! Corri al tuo signore (Metella, Silla)
15 Recitativo: T’affretta, oh Scabro (Metella)
16 Aria: Secondate, oh giusti dei (Metella)

Atto Terzo
17 Recitativo: Quanto devo, oh Metella (Lepido, Metella)
18 Recitativo: Dunque partir deve (Metella, Lepido)
19 Aria: Io non ti chiedo più (Metella)
20 Recitativo: A tua fedeltade (Lepido)
21 Aria: Già respira in petto il core (Lepido)
22 Recitativo: L’imperio quanto è più vasto (Silla)
23 Recitativo: Placasti, oh bella diva (Silla, Celia)
24 Aria: Sei già morto, idolo mio (Celia)
25 Recitativo: Rimembranze funeste (Celia, Claudio)
26 Aria: Luci belle (Claudio)
27 Aria: Stelle rubelle (Flavia)
28 Recitativo: Al fin, del mio rigore (Silla, Flavia)
29 Aria (da capo): Ma infelice sarie vivere (Flavia)
30 Recitativo: Spirto adorato, oh Dio! (Flavia, Lepido)
31 Brano strumentale
32 Recitativo: Metella, oh Dio! (Silla, Metella)
33 Recitativo: Propizio arrida il cielo (Metella)
34 Sinfonia & Recitativo: Assistete, soccorrete (Metella)
35 Marche
36 Recitativo: Pera la feritade (Lepido, Claudio, Tutti)
37 Marche
38 Recitativo: De’ miei falli pentito (Silla)
39 Coro: Chi si trova tra procella (Tutti)


Sonia Prina: Silla
Martina Belli: Claudio
Sunhae Im: Metella
Vivica Genaux: Lepido
Roberta Invernizzi: Flavia
Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli: Celia
Luca Tittoto: Il Dio

Europa Galante
Fabio Biondi, violin & direction

No Handel opera is as enigmatic as Silla. His fourth London opera, it was composed in 1713 to a libretto by Giacomo Rossi, also the librettist of the composer’s first great London triumph Rinaldo (1711). And that is just about the extent of any certainty on the subject. It might have been premiered in 1713 in London in a private concert at the Queen’s Theatre, but even this remains unconfirmed.

This is one of Handel’s few historical operas, being concerned with Plutarch’s account of the latter part of the life of Lucius Cornelius Sulla, who after taking Rome became a tyrannical despot who murders his opponents, before suddenly retiring to his country estate to enjoy his leisure. The libretto being somewhat weak, it leaves Silla an unlikely candidate to regain a place in the repertoire, but it definitely contains lots of thoroughly rewarding music. Handel itself utilized a significant part of it in his next opera, Amadigi di Gaula.

Fabio Biondi and Europa Galante join an overwhelming vocal cast headed by a fantastic Sonia Prina in the title role, with Martina Belli, Sunhae Im, Vivica Genaux, Roberta Invernizzi, Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, and Luca Tittoto also excelling in their respective parts. Biondi’s ensemble perform with their trademark elegance and precision in a recording made in the Konzerthaus in Vienna over three days in January 2017.

Status Quo – Rockin' All Over The World (1977/2016, UICY-77633~34, RE, RM, JAPAN) CDRip

Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World (1977/2016, UICY-77633~34, RE, RM, JAPAN) CDRip

Title: Rockin’ All Over The World
Year Of Release: 1977/2016
Label: Mercury – UICY-77633~34
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Classic Rock
Quality: FLAC (image+cue, log) / Covers
Total Time: 01:50:19
Total Size: 2.0 GB


Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World (1977 / 2016, UICY-77633, RE, RM, JAPAN) (12 / 45:21)

[4:46] 01. Status Quo – Hard Time
[4:16] 02. Status Quo – Can’t Give You More
[3:03] 03. Status Quo – Let’s Ride
[3:13] 04. Status Quo – Baby Boy
[3:04] 05. Status Quo – You Don’t Own Me
[4:19] 06. Status Quo – Rockers Rollin’
[3:37] 07. Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World
[4:31] 08. Status Quo – Who Am I?
[3:09] 09. Status Quo – Too Far Gone
[3:01] 10. Status Quo – For You
[3:51] 11. Status Quo – Dirty Water
[4:31] 12. Status Quo – Hold You Back

Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World (1977 / 2016, UICY-77634, RE, RM, JAPAN) (16 / 1:04:58)

[5:10] 01. Status Quo – Hold You Back / John Eden Remix
[3:18] 02. Status Quo – Baby Boy / John Eden Remix
[4:42] 03. Status Quo – Rockers Rollin’ / John Eden Remix
[5:11] 04. Status Quo – Who Am I? / John Eden Remix
[3:51] 05. Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World / John Eden Remix
[4:16] 06. Status Quo – Dirty Water / John Eden Remix
[5:26] 07. Status Quo – Can’t Give You More / John Eden Remix
[3:05] 08. Status Quo – Let’s Ride / John Eden Remix
[3:08] 09. Status Quo – For You / John Eden Remix
[3:09] 10. Status Quo – Too Far Gone / John Eden Remix
[3:29] 11. Status Quo – You Don’t Own Me / John Eden Remix
[4:39] 12. Status Quo – Hard Time / John Eden Remix
[4:16] 13. Status Quo – Dirty Water (1st Demo 1976)
[2:49] 14. Status Quo – Baby Boy (1st Demo 1976)
[4:47] 15. Status Quo – Hard Time (1st Demo 1976)
[3:41] 16. Status Quo – Hold You Back (Studio Demo 1977)


Companies, etc.
Marketed By – Phonogram
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Phonogram Ltd.
Copyright (c) – Phonogram Ltd.
Recorded At – Studio Bohus
Distributed By – Phonogram Ltd.
Pressed By – Phonodisc Ltd.
Lacquer Cut At – I.B.C. Studios
Produced For – Quarry Productions Ltd.
Published By – Shawbury
Published By – Eaton Music Ltd.
Published By – Handle Music
Published By – Intersong Music Ltd.
Published By – Essex Music
Record Company – Phonogram Ltd.

Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World (1977/2016, UICY-77633~34, RE, RM, JAPAN) CDRip

Design – Eric Howard Productions
Engineer – John Eden
Keyboards – Andy Bown
Lacquer Cut By – Mely*
Percussion – Frank Ricoti*
Producer – Pip Williams



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Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World (1977/2016, UICY-77633~34, RE, RM, JAPAN) CDRip

Johann Johannsson – And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees (Original Soundtrack) (2019)

Johann Johannsson - And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees (Original Soundtrack) (2019)

Title: And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees (Original Soundtrack)
Year Of Release: 2009; 2019
Label: Deutsche Grammophon (DG)
Genre: Modern Classical, Score, Ambient
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 40:21 min
Total Size: 195 MB

Like many composers and musicians who make primarily instrumental music, Jóhann Jóhannsson’s work has been described as filmic, and he has in fact scored several films. Still, And in the Endless Pause There Came the Sound of Bees occupies a special place in his body of work. This music was written for Marc Craste’s 2008 short animated film Varmints — which was adapted from Helen Ward’s Craste’s illustrated book of the same name — and it’s a story that fits the concerns Jóhannsson explored in works like IBM: A User’s Manual and Fordlandia with almost eerie perfection. Technology, hubris, overconsumption, and the environment all factor into Varmints’ tale of a little animal who must find a way to protect life as he knows it from an encroaching city. With the help of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, Jóhannsson covers purity and corruption, hope and despair, and the natural and mechanical worlds over the course of 37 minutes; a short-form work compared to some of his other albums. But while the massiveness of works like Fordlandia was part of what made them so stunning, And in the Endless Pause There Came the Sound of Bees’ strength comes from its small size — much like the varmint the film follows. In just over three minutes, “Theme” sketches out the fragile beauty of the animal’s bee-filled meadow and the first hints of the coming devastation; “The Flat”’s industrial drones and electronic vapor trails evoke its aftermath in just a few minutes more. Even if this isn’t among Jóhannsson’s bleakest music, it’s among his most emotional, and much more somber than most scores for animated films. Yet his approach is never cartoonish. If anything, “Entering the City”’s muted strings and harp and the beckoning pipe organ and choir of “Siren Song” are some of his subtlest pieces, making the glimpses of light and hope in “Pods” and “Rainwater” — which sounds so fresh that it seems to carry a breeze — all the more tantalizing. As always, Jóhannsson conveys these shifts in mood effortlessly but with great nuance. The album’s most hopeless moments, such as the almost weeping soprano vocals on “City Building (Alt. Version)” and the vast bleakness of “Escape,” come before the sunrise of “Inside the Pods”’ strings and “End Theme”’s wide-open joy, but it feels far from clichéd. And in the Endless Pause There Came the Sound of Bees was originally available as a 1000-copy vinyl release on Jóhannsson’s 2009 North American tour, but many more people than that need to hear this intimate album from a composer who expresses himself more exquisitely with each work.

01. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Theme (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
02. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – City Building (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
03. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Entering The City (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
04. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – The Flat (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
05. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Rainwater (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
06. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Siren Song (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
07. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Pods (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
08. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – The Gift (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
09. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Dying City (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
10. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – City Building – Alternate Version (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
11. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Escape (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
12. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – Inside The Pods (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)
13. Johann Johannsson, Bohumil Kotmel – End (Snowing) (From “Varmints” Soundtrack)

Umoja i-nity ‎- Feel The Groove [12"] (2018)

Umoja i-nity ‎- Feel The Groove [12"] (2018)

Title: Feel The Groove [12″]
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Cree Records ‎– CRS 510
Genre: Afrobeat, Disco, Funk, Boogie
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 20:57
Total Size: 130,3 Mb


A1 Get Away 5:51
A2 Fools Have Tried 4:32
B1 Feel The Groove 5:54
B2 Foxy Sourcy Lady 4:48




Andre Matthias – Wish You Were Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019)

Andre Matthias - Wish You Were Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019)

Title: Wish You Were Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Moviescore Media
Genre: Soundtrack
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 1:12:11
Total Size: 165; 278 MB

KRONOS RECORDS proudly presents the soundtrack to WISH YOU WERE HERE, Kenneth Bi’s gorgeous film from 2018. The music for WISH YOU WERE HERE is composed by our old friend ANDRE MATTHIAS (THE LIGHT THIEF and FOUR ASSASSINS) who has written a beautiful score for this dramatic production that is shrouded in a veil of melancholy and longing.

The pace of the score is not a fast one, but not for one second does it make you lose interest, if anything it keeps slowly building and adding to the drama and musical richness of the album. A skilled group of musicians accompany Andre in his musical journey into the aural highway of Kenneth Bi’s new visionary film. Featuring the talents of Riccardo Rocchi (from FABIO FRIZZI’S F2F – FRIZZI TO FULCI BAND) on guitar, Alessio Contorni (also from F2F) on harmonica, Sandro Friedrich on dizi & shakuhachi, Stefan Pintev and Rodrigo Reichel on violins and violas, Boris Matchin on cello and Andre Matthias himself on keyboards. The CD also features the haunting song “Stranger” by the talented German singer Anna Carla.

01. Andre Matthias – Opening
02. Andre Matthias – Yuan Yuan
03. Andre Matthias – Stranger
04. Andre Matthias – Questions
05. Andre Matthias – Pull of the Past
06. Andre Matthias – Something Unsaid
07. Andre Matthias – Home
08. Andre Matthias – Time
09. Andre Matthias – Snow Dance
10. Andre Matthias – Two Lives
11. Andre Matthias – Rehearsal
12. Andre Matthias – Layers
13. Andre Matthias – Memory Lane
14. Andre Matthias – Keiko
15. Andre Matthias – Something Lost
16. Andre Matthias – Journey
17. Andre Matthias – Tomiya
18. Andre Matthias – Why
19. Andre Matthias – Michiyo
20. Andre Matthias – No Turning Back
21. Andre Matthias – Redemption
22. Andre Matthias – Breath
23. Andre Matthias – Mystery Train
24. Andre Matthias – Sayonara
25. Andre Matthias – If She Had Wings
26. Andre Matthias – End Credits

Adair de Freitas – O Melhor de Adair de Freitas (2019)

Adair de Freitas - O Melhor de Adair de Freitas (2019)

Title: O Melhor de Adair de Freitas
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Usa Records
Genre: Latin Pop
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks
Total Time: 38:23
Total Size: 216 MB


1. Adair de Freitas – De Já Hoje
2. Adair de Freitas – Previsão
3. Adair de Freitas – Minha Gaita de Oito Baixos
4. Adair de Freitas – Quem Haverá de Dizer
5. Adair de Freitas – Quer Mumu, Compra Vaca
6. Adair de Freitas – Gaúcho Brasileiro
7. Adair de Freitas – Meu Ranchinho
8. Adair de Freitas – Eu Quero comer Carreteiro
9. Adair de Freitas – Cheiro de Terra
10. Adair de Freitas – Razão do Meu Fracasso
11. Adair de Freitas – Homenagem a Gildo de Freitas
12. Adair de Freitas – Proposta de Casamento