Title: Do Hollywood
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: 4AD
Genre: Classic Rock, Pop Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks) 24bit-96kHz
Total Time: 43:34
Total Size: 909 Mb


01. I Wanna Prove to You (3:41)
02. Those Days Is Comin’ Soon (2:23)
03. Haroomata (2:32)
04. Baby, Baby (4:57)
05. These Words (3:41)
06. As Long As We’re Together (5:04)
07. How Lucky Am I? (3:40)
08. Hi+Lo (4:59)
09. Frank (5:57)
10. A Great Snake (6:40)

Teen brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario are all about Queen, Tom Petty, spandex jumpsuits, vintage synths and genuinely great hair.

It’s entirely APT – almost too good to believe, in fact – that Brian and Michael D’Addario hail from a small, nothing-doing town in Long Island, New York called Hicksville.

The teenage brothers and leaders of The Lemon Twigs are a gloriously off-kilter proposition. Watch them live and you’ll see Michael leaping around the stage as if he’s been possessed by the spirit of a young, madcap Keith Moon. See them on TV and you’ll instantly think you’ve been transported back to the 1970s. Queen, Tom Petty, spandex jumpsuits, vintage synthesizers, The Beatles after the break-up and genuinely great hair all play a sizable part in their DNA. Haircuts aside, how many other indie bands in 2016 would willingly admit to liking any of the above? This is where even The Lemon Twigs must be surprised at their recent trajectory. Within six months they’ve gone from complete unknowns to being hailed as the future of rock ’n’ roll. Which is funny when you think about it – because they sure do sound a lot like the past.

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Transatlantic Railroad – Express To Oblivion (Reissue) (1967-68/2000)

Transatlantic Railroad - Express To Oblivion (Reissue) (1967-68/2000)

Title: Express To Oblivion
Year Of Release: 1995
Label: RD Records
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Acid Rock
Quality: Flac (tracks)
Total Time: 37:55
Total Size: 295 Mb (scans)

Transatlantic Railroad - Express To Oblivion (Reissue) (1967-68/2000)


1. Camp Towanga – 3:17
2. Fred Chicken Blues – 3:29
3. Tehama Street Song – 7:33
4. Elephant – 12:16
5. Old English 800 – 5:54
6. Irahs (Kent Housman) – 2:36
7. Good Times (Kent Housman) – 2:46

Kent Housman – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Stephen Meyers – Lead Guitar
Jamie Kindt – Bass, Vocals
Ron Vanbianchi – Drums, Vocals
Geoff Mayer – Organ

These circa 1967-1968 (the liner notes aren’t entirely specific) recordings by this very obscure Marin County band are very much of their time and place. It’s fairly heavy psychedelic rock with a fairly heavy blues influence, apt to jump into free-form passages and multi-sectioned, lengthy tracks with an improvisational feel and a stoned vibration to the lyrics. In the structural sense, then, they’re pretty similar to the early Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service, and to the freakier aspects of Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe & the Fish, and Big Brother & the Holding Company. What they were lacking that the other groups had, to varying degrees, were outstanding songs and arrangements, virtuoso instrumentalists, or excellent vocalists. It’s ambitious but meandering stuff, and while the testaments to the group by a couple of fans in the liner notes make it clear that the band had its importance as a communicator of the psychedelic experience in a live setting, Transatlantic Railroad does sound like a bill-filler in the larger scheme of San Francisco Bay Area ’60s psychedelia. And a rather callow one at that, though they have the cheek to quote from the Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s “East West” in the 12-minute “Elephant,” an opus that’s about as graceful as its title. The most appealing tracks here are actually the simpler ones, those being the country-folk-flavored “Irahs” and “Good Times,” which with its Zombies-garage feel sounds like it was recorded earlier than the rest of the material.

Laura Perrudin – Poisons & Antidotes (2017) flac

Laura Perrudin - Poisons & Antidotes (2017) flac

Title: Poisons & Antidotes
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Volatine / Laura Perrudin
Genre: Alternative
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 00:52:09
Total Size: 260 mb


01. Laura Perrudin – Inks
02. Laura Perrudin – Le Poison
03. Laura Perrudin – The Ceiling’s Maze
04. Laura Perrudin – The Trap
05. Laura Perrudin – Diurnal Fireflies
06. Laura Perrudin – Mesopelagic
07. Laura Perrudin – The Falling Swans
08. Laura Perrudin – Auguries Of Innocence
09. Laura Perrudin – Heliotopie
10. Laura Perrudin – Train
11. Laura Perrudin – Pavane De La Patte D’oie
12. Laura Perrudin – Ghosts Song
13. Laura Perrudin – The Sick Rose



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Laura Perrudin - Poisons & Antidotes (2017) flac

Angela Maria – Os Grandes Sucessos, Vol. III (1968/2019)

Angela Maria - Os Grandes Sucessos, Vol. III (1968/2019)

Title: Os Grandes Sucessos, Vol. III
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Jazz, Latin, MPB, Bossa Nova
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 35:07 min
Total Size: 142 MB


01. Vívere
02. Maria Das Ruas
03. Seus Olhos (Ta Matia)
04. Rio Meu Amor
05. Despejo Da Saudade
06. Los Pisconeros
07. Eu Te Amo
08. Não Há Mais Tempo
09. Esta Noite Não (Esta Noche)
10. Poeira Do Caminho
11. Já Era Tempo
12. Loucura

Anthem – Nucleus (2019)

Anthem - Nucleus (2019)

Title: Nucleus
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast ‎– 27361 48012
Genre: Rock, Metal
Quality: WavPack (image + .cue, log, scans)
Total Time: 1:51:43
Total Size: 941 MB


CD 1
01. Immortal Bind
02. Black Empire
03. Overload
04. Stranger
05. Linkage
06. Eternal Warrior
07. Ghost In The Flame
08. Venom Strike
09. Awake
10. Omega Man (Instrumental)
11. Pain
12. Echoes In The Dark
13. Unbroken Sign

CD 2 Worst Habits Die Hard – Gypsy Ways 30th Anniversary Special
01. Gypsy Ways
02. Love In Vain
03. Bad Habits Die Hard
04. Legal Killing
05. Cryin’ Heart (feat. Mad Ohuchi)
06. Silent Child (feat. Mad Ohuchi)
07. Midnight Sun (feat. Mad Ohuchi)
08. Shout It Out!
09. Final Risk
10. Night Stalker

Jacintha – Autumn Leaves: The Songs of Johnny Mercer (1999) CD-Rip

Jacintha - Autumn Leaves: The Songs of Johnny Mercer (1999) CD-Rip

Title: Autumn Leaves: The Songs of Johnny Mercer
Year Of Release: 1999
Label: Groove Note Records
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,log,scans)
Total Time: 60:40
Total Size: 362 Mb


01. And The Angels Sing
02. Skylark
03. One For My Baby
04. Midnight Sun
05. Autumn Leaves
06. Days Of Wine & Roses
07. I Remember You
08. Trav’lin’ Light
09. Something’s Gotta Give
10. Moon River
11. Here’s To Life (Soundtrack Mix)

Jacintha – vocals
Teddy Edwards – tenor saxophone
Will Miller – trumpet
Kei Akagi – piano
Artie Butler – Hammond B-3 organ
Anthony Wilson – guitar
Darek Oles – bass
Larance Marable – drums
Joe LaBarbera – drums

Nine of the 11 tracks here are ballads. Their uncluttered arrangements spotlight Jacintha’s smooth and sensuous voice, while her expressive phrasing draws the most from the classic Johnny Mercer lyrics. Jacintha includes the original lyrics to “Autumn Leaves,” done in soft and flawless French; otherwise, her primary innovation is to deliver the tunes straight and sincerely, with minimal improvisation and maximum tenderness. There’s no trace of the customary bitterness in “One More for the Road,” and her unaccompanied reading of “Moon River” liberates that song from any prior goopy associations. In fact, her version brings out the poignancy of the lyrics so purely that her additional chorus, coming after a rather wandering piano interlude, seems redundant. The band is good but pretty restrained throughout, supplying subtle commentary and close support, then breaks out nicely on the two up-tempo tracks: “And the Angels Sing” and “Something’s Got to Give.” Jacintha’s measured, legato approach isn’t very conducive to swinging, but listening to “Skylark”and “Midnight Sun,” in particular, is like sipping cool champagne in a fragrant hot tub. Another highlight is the bonus track, “Here’s to Life,” a signature tune for Shirley Horn, which Jacintha takes at a slightly faster tempo. While it’s not a Mercer lyric, its beautiful sentiments and melody fit nicely into this relaxed and intimate set. Whatever this CD may lack in fire, it makes up for in warmth.


Bias – Time & Tide [Japan Edition] (2006)

Bias - Time & Tide [Japan Edition] (2006)

Title: Time & Tide [Japan Edition]
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: Node Rec.
Genre: Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Instrumental
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue, log, Scans)
Total Time: 48:47
Total Size: 273 MB


01. This Is The Truth (1:26)
02. It’s Getting Better (4:30)
03. Sit Back, See The World (3:34)
04. Squandered Love (4:46)
05. It’s A Must (1:34)
06. Because You’re Near (4:30)
07. Deceive (3:43)
08. Promise Me (1:38)
09. Time & Tide (4:02)
10. A Poor Player (4:27)
11. Weekend Wizard (1:45)
12. Cold Night (4:28)
13. Enough Time (0:29)
14. Teacher (4:09)
15. A Fool To Care (3:22)

Formality vs Reality – Formality vs Reality (2019)

Formality vs Reality - Formality vs Reality (2019)

Title: Formality vs Reality
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: INKY Records
Genre: Jazz, Avant-Garde
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 38:32 min
Total Size: 148 MB


01. New Urbanism
02. Rose City
03. Macaroon / Mysterious Wistfulness
04. Naptime, Pt. 1
05. Naptime, Pt. 2 (Streetlight Moon / Black Cat)

Dominic Conway – Tenor Saxophone
Noah Jordan – 17-tone Rhodes

Noah is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Vancouver, BC. who works with number of retuned pianos and guitars, among other devices and instruments.

There is a conception of music that focuses on the infinitude of microcosm, a view on optimization that believes in the beauty of imperfect parts. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem shows the limitations of formal systems; this music shows the inter-relation between formal systems and their physical (im)possibilities.

Noah’s work is focused on the relationship of the boundaries of our perception with contextual, cultural, and physical relationships within sound.

Hippie Diktat – Gran Sasso (2019)

Hippie Diktat - Gran Sasso (2019)

Title: Gran Sasso
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Coax Records
Genre: Jazz, Noise Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 40:30
Total Size: 257.6 MB


01. Part I (11:22)
02. Part II (6:25)
03. Part III (17:32)
04. Part IV (5:10)

WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln – S. Wagner: Scenes & Arias for Soprano (2002)

WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln - S. Wagner: Scenes & Arias for Soprano (2002)

Title: S. Wagner: Scenes & Arias for Soprano
Year Of Release: 2002
Label: CPO
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 71:23 min
Total Size: 289 MB


01. Der Schmied von Marienburg, Op. 13: Auf! Wer ist’s: Friedelind in Not!
02. Der Kobold, Op. 3: Sag’ es mir, Herr, warum so schwer
03. Sternengebot, Op. 5: Jüngling! Ahnungsloser!
04. Schwarzschwanenreich, Op. 7 :The Kingdom of the Black Swan:: Prelude – Ruhe! Ruhe unbedroht!
05. Der Heidenkönig, Op. 9: Ja! Verraten hab’ ich Radomar!
06. Der Friedensengel, Op. 10: Genug des Büßens
07. Rainulf und Adelasia, Op. 14: Meint Osmund ist nicht schuldig
08. Sonnenflammen, Op. 8: Artemis’ Rache an Iphis

The surprise of this disc hits you at once with the opening, surely not Elizabeth’s Greeting from Wagner’s Tannhäuser? Then it all falls into place, and of course the son is going to have to take his place in the shadow of his father. Most composers after Wagner were, so being his closest blood relative, it’s no wonder that the poor man never stood a chance of creating his own musical persona. As well as those similarities with his father there are also definable moments of the influences of Richard Strauss and Humperdinck here and there – again understandable. Having said that and virtually condemned poor Siegfried to the role of the Invisible Man of music, and despite the unwise choice of daft subject matter or dafter libretti, there is some pretty fine stuff here, particularly the parts which sound either like Tristan or the Ring. In the case of the latter it tends to be reminiscences of the nasty characters such as Alberich or his own son Hagen, in the former it’s the erotic love music. Siegfried is a good orchestrator and knows how to shape a melodic line. Dagmar Schellenberger is a bit stretched at the bottom of her voice, which tends to lose its focus and disappear into the orchestral textures but elsewhere she is thrilling and bright of tone. Despite the description of the roles she is portraying here as child-women, they should not be underestimated (like Gretel in Humperdinck’s fairytale opera) and require hefty vocal stamina. It’s not a fully formed, convincing Wagnerian voice yet and came as no surprise to me to find no Wagner roles in her biography in the booklet. Impressive though this reads, there is no sign of the Master, though Siegfried’s Die heilige Linde is there (curiously not featured on this disc), but Elsa, Eva and Sieglinde are within sight. On the other hand Werner Andreas Albert steers a safe ship with the fine WDR orchestra and has seven CDs of Siegfried’s operas already behind him, so he has a secure grip on the proceedings here.

Written between 1903 and 1922 these operas now make the rarest of forays onto the stage, not even Bayreuth has the confidence to put them on, but meanwhile these sort of brave ventures from the likes of CPO keep the flame burning, One day Siegfried’s own Siegfried will come along and wake them up from their mountain-top slumbers after so many years asleep. You can never get away from Wagner père.