Big Ten set to match Power 5 peers on diamond

Big Ten programs top to bottom continue to push the conference closer to baseball's elite.

Big Ten programs top to bottom continue to push the conference closer to baseball’s elite.

It seems not a week goes by in the sporting world without a reference of the Power 5. Autonomy, the college football playoff, preseason basketball rankings, television rights, NCAA reform, NCAA violations, whatever the conversation, it’s hard to discuss collegiate athletics without referring to the most powerful programs and universities and the conferences they make up, the Power 5, the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big Twelve, Southeastern and Pac 12 conferences.

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October notes and thoughts

I generally don’t like to write in this form, even more, I don’t particularly like to write with an inclusion of I. I try to keep site content to analysis and news, a sprinkle of commentary, and when there are notes to pass along it is in the form of reporting. I try to keep myself out of focus. But sometimes, quite often actually, I do have many thoughts that can’t be neatly put somewhere, this is most likely the result of watching hundreds of Big Ten baseball games over the past eight seasons.

Digressing, in an attempt to get back to churning out regular content I have reached out to coaches and scouts, read up on all things related to Big Ten programs and have a smorgasbord of thoughts to pass along.

Here they are.

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Four more unviel 2015 schedule

Cal State-Fullerton, Michigan, Ohio State and Texas are big names heading to Hawks Field in 2015.

Cal State-Fullerton, Michigan, Ohio State and Texas are big names heading to Hawks Field in 2015.

More than half of the 13 Big Ten programs have unveiled their 2015 schedule. With slates previously announced from Indiana, Michigan and Ohio State, the Buckeyes, Hoosiers and Wolverines are joined by the Iowa Hawkeyes, Maryland Terrapins, Nebraska Cornhuskers and Northwestern Wildcats as conference programs one can see who will be on the 2015 docket.

Like the trio before them, the quartet of new schedules show Big Ten programs will take aim at some of college baseball’s biggest names in 2015.

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The B1G Baseball beat: IU and OSU slates, Iowa rolls to win, Rutgers upgrades and updates, B1G in rankings


Ohio State released its 2015 schedule highlighted with home series against Illinois, Maryland and UNLV

A roundup of the latest Big Ten news.
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The B1G Baseball beat: Michigan releases schedule, B1G newcomers begin practice, Jokisch debuts


Michigan announced its 2015 schedule which includes a season-ending visit from Oklahoma State

The week that was in Big Ten baseball.

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Mobile Apps Making Fantasy Baseball More Automated

Mobile Apps Making Fantasy Baseball More Automated


We’ve all delved into the world of fantasy baseball at some point, as the thrill of watching our favorite teams compete sometimes drives us to want to be more involved. If you’ve been playing fantasy baseball for more than a few years, you probably remember a time when players had to wait around for their stats to be delivered by mail, and people met up in basements to play the game. There’s the scene in Knocked Up that nearly all fantasy sports players can relate to, where Paul Rudd’s character is caught playing fantasy baseball, and sneaking away to do it.

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